Unique Consulting Services

Our unique expertise in barn building and restoration of historic barns gives us the knowledge to correctly determine procedures and costs involved in restoring, rebuiding, moving, salvageing or repurposeing your building. 

Some services we've helped people with in the past

  •  Verify that private estimates to rebuild a loss are realistic
  • Provide testimate in court with regard to estimated value of a structure or cost to replace the structure
  • Consulting-evaluate an existing structure and walk through the building with you while providing you feasability of repairs, changes or ideas for improvements.  Not only can we give you professional guidance we can provide written estimates.  Unlike other companies that only offer consultation Brion Builders, Inc. can provide all construction needs from conception to completion.  We can act as you general contractor to insure that the structure your planning is the one you finish with.
  • Provide answers for you with regard to your structure drawing from our expertise and experience in this unique field, no matter what the question might be.