Barns and Timberframe Structures

There is a certain rare experience from restoring a piece of history.  The wood found in old barns or timber buildings can never be duplicated.  Stands of wood that were walked through by our ancestors were used to create these magnificent structures.  It's entirely possible that Daniel Boone or another early settler walked past a barn that is barely standing today and in need of reconstruction.  Nothing else I do gives me as much satisfaction as saving one of these buildings.  I know that I may be working on a barn that has been in a family for hundreds of years and preserving it for a current and future generation is a passion of mine.

The wood that I work with in your building is wood unlike anything available today.  I have a tremendous respect for the material and the crafstmanship that created the structure so many years ago.  My awareness of what I am working on inspires me to attempt to duplicate that same perfection of construction.  The posts and beams found in these buildings are heartwood and of lengths and widths that cannot be created today without laminations.  Because of what I am working with and on it is a joy to recreate that history for you.

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