Brion Builders, Inc.

is a privately owned framing contracting business established in October 1996.  I decided to start my own framing company after many years of framing for another contractor.  Since 1996 my company has framed for numerous builders, both residential and commercial, and has established a reputation of quality workmanship.

We still continue to build new homes, but we also started a more specialized area of framing construction.  We are offering custom design cabins and other outbuildings that we will build on your property, to your special needs or specifications.  Our idea is to help land owners get more enjoyment from their residential property or that long weekend property you may have for your family getaway. 

My wife and I own property in southern Ohio on which we tent camped for many years.  Although we enjoyed our time tent camping, and still do occasionally, we found that the time needed to set up and tear down camp really cut into the limited getaway time that we had.  We decided to construct a small cabin on our property, which would eliminate the time it took for set-up and tear down of camp, thus increasing our time to just enjoy our weekend off!  After our small cabin was built, we decided to add a rather large front porch to it to allow us to sit outside even if it should be raining.  That made our little cabin a perfect getaway in the woods.  Realizing how much we enjoy our time at our cabin, we felt there are probably many families that would enjoy something similar for their families.

That is how Cabinframer dot com was created.  We would like to provide you with the chance to have your own getaway cabin, on the lake, in the woods, or anywhere your need takes you.  We are equipped to build on the most remote site.  We can build your getaway from your plan or ours; we will create your cabin to match your personal needs.  We can build your to any level you desire; from the most basic shell to a finished interior with decks, porches, etc. 

 Through a love of the outdoors and the rich appreciation of timberframe construction Brion Builders, Inc. has been called upon by clients to direct their expertise in that area.  Almost 80% of our work is now in the area of restoration, repair or moving of timberframe structures.  Working with these buildings to the extent that we do, has made us specialists in this area.  Some of our work has been with historical buildings dating as far back as 1792.  We have a strong desire to preserve the buildings that were constructed by old world craftsmen.  We carry forward the same heritage and can incorporate old and new technology in your structure.  Not only are we heavily involved in the timberframe construction but also work with post and beam and pole buildings. 

For more information or to discus your particular construction needs please don’t hesitate to contact us by snail mail, e-mail or telephone.